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INTECH provides a 100% dedicated connection to any office in its service area up to 10 gigs (up and down) using a high intensity fixed wireless radio pointed directly at one of our internet towers around town. You get all the Internet you could ever ask for, whether or not your neighbors are online. No sharing whatsoever; it’s our promise to you.

Powerful Performance

100% dedicated means 100% dedicated. The real difference is that Intech doesn’t use the word gigabit as a marketing term, but rather as a technical term. A term that describes our actual speeds, not the name of our product. We can promise that you have never experienced anything on any Internet service that is like INTECH's direct connection to the backbone.

Above Average Support

INTECH customer service is highly responsive, fast and effective. Always speak to a human being!


Get 2x the Internet speed of cable for 25% less.

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