High Speed Internet,
TV and Phone

State of the art, customizable solutions
built for your property

Bulk Internet creates real value and resident satisfaction

Research shows that more MDUs should install fiber broadband, starting with new construction projects, and that
the presence of this amenity should be shouted from the rooftops.

Increase the Value of Your Property with Internet Ready Units

Internet access is now considered the fourth utility for MDU properties. With our community-wide WIFI service, you can offer residents an unbeatable combination of performance, coverage, and support - all while providing a better value than what is available on the open market.

This program shifts the monthly fees that residents previously paid to the cable company to your top line. INTECH will provide instant access to high-speed internet, low cost plans, private and secure WIFI with no data caps, all without any upfront costs to the property.

Call or Text

Find out how to put the experts at INTECH to work on your technology needs.

Symmetrical stream for all devices

Symmetrical speeds refers to the upload and download speeds being the same. When data is downloaded and uploaded at the same rapid pace, residents are able to work more efficiently, communicate more effectively and enjoy a better overall experience.

Real-time internet that performs

With INTECH Instant-On, residents access a user friendly onboarding portal and have their internet connection up and running in minutes. Users will also have access to an extensive range of self-help tools and resources as well as a customer service center available via voice or text.

Speed that you can rely on

INTECH's community-wide WIFI serves your residents seamlessly. All units, indoor and outdoor common areas will have the same simplified user experience, same security, and same reliable performance.

INTECH partners with luxury apartments, student housing, hotels and assisted living properties to bring the following reliable bulk services while generating revenue for the property

Reliable Managed High-Speed Internet

Cost effective, quick and easy to log on. Residents enjoy seamless connectivity to Intech’s dedicated and secure internet.

Wireless DIRECTV Entertainment

A centralized DIRECTV solution that powers the entire property with quality HD programming and allows residents to stream on personal devices.

VOIP Phone Systems

Enjoy clear voice conversations with customized connectivity to our network infrastructure. Unlimited local calling and advanced calling features are included.

Leak Detection

Real time water leak and monitoring system to report leaks and water spills in high-rises before they can cause catastrophic damage