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Imagine coming home to a home that is dialed in exactly how you want it every time. The mood lighting is set. Sonos is playing in the background. The shades are drawn to the perfect height. The air conditioning dropped 2 degrees just in time for your arrival. Your alarm service turns off just as you approach the door. Your robotic vacuum has just vacuumed all the pet hair in your home. 

These are the kinds of services that Intech can offer as part of our comprehensive packaging. We make it so simple and reliable; you won’t even have to ask a teenager for assistance.


Our wireless TV and entertainment systems exceed the expectations of even the most discerning residents


Residents love Intech’s dedicated, fast and secure private internet service

Smart Home

Control your thermostats, fans, and even refrigerators with the touch of a button

Get double the speed at 25% less than average market price

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