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Reliably Fast Speeds

Intech uses an entirely different type of technology. Instead of relying on hundreds of miles of wiring to deliver internet to your home or business, Intech’s signal comes direct — no matter what part of town you are in — to deliver the fastest speeds you ever experienced.

WiFi. Entertainment. Your way.

We’re a thriving, fast-paced boutique internet and communications provider to the Southwest, servicing thousands of daily users.

Our technology allows us to give you the kind of internet service you’ve only dreamed of. We have a different approach than the big telecom providers. We deliver a top quality product with killer customer service. 

Even when everyone’s online streaming and gaming, our service blows away the competition.

Reliability Matters 

Total peace of mind

White Glove Support

When you go Intech, you get the Intech commitment to quality customer service. There are no frustrating calls dialing through a series of digital robotic answers. When you go Intech, you speak to a real person, with a real understanding and concern for your issues.

Get double the speed at 25% less than Average market price

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